Dee Vine Estate is a winery established from the traditional family vineyards of Michele and Domenico Scarfone, two brothers who emigrated from Southern Italy in 1956 to settle at Nericon within the Riverina area of Australia.

They planted the first vines on the property the following year, with the vision of producing traditional Italian table wine for the Australian wine drinker. Three generations later, Adrian Bianchini and Fernando Rombola have significantly expanded from their grandfathers original parcel of land, whilst following the same principles; a passion for fine wine and dedication to produce a remarkably distinctive product.

Adrian Bianchini & Fernando Rombola.
-Directors, Dee Vine Estate

Our historic passion for viticulture ensures that our wines are crafted from the highest quality grapes,
so that you can enjoy it with family and friends.
— Adrian Bianchini, Director


The Riverina lies in the south-west region of New South Wales. The area consists of low-lying flood plains, warm to hot climate and an ample supply of water through irrigation that is diverted from the Murrumbidgee river.

The Riverina has been growing wine grapes since 1913 and is the second largest wine producing region in Australia. The area yields almost three-quarters of the entire annual wine volume of New South Wales.

The main soil type of the Riverina is red-brown earth deposited by ancient streams in the area. It is in these free-draining soils around Griffith that the Dee Vine Estate Vineyards are planted.


Founded 1930 by the Rossetto Family.  
Our family owned winery from past to present, will consistently endeavour to provide a heavy emphasis on excellence, quality and service.

Our hands on, environmentally friendly winemaking style is something that we would like
to share with our consumers.
— Fernando Rombola, Director


The boys from Dee Vine Estate have a philosophy that great wine should be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone, which is why they go out of their way to make that all of their wines affordable and accessible to all wine consumers across the board.

Several new wine varieties and brands are currently under development, rest assured that there’s plenty more to come from Dee Vine Estate.


Dee Vine Estate is working towards becoming a sustainable business with high goals to improve recycling practices and the use of recycled materials. 

Today we aim to use companies that can supply dry goods which have sustainable practices and materials. These companies to date supply cartons, glass and labels. 

Our goal is to improve each year by recording and monitoring our recycling practices, increase staff awareness, training and consumer engagement in our policies and procedures.

The long term plan is to achieve the highest level of sustainability by reducing our water usage, waste materials, electricity usage and upcycling where possible.